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‘Learning without Limits’


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‘Extending the Freedom to Learn’


‘Transformability-based Teaching and Learning’

‘The children grew and became strong in SPIRIT, filled with WISDOM and the GRACE of God was upon them.’

Luke 2:40




Serving with Love; Striving for Excellence


Welcome to St Mary’s Catholic Primary School

I am very proud to welcome you on behalf of the children, staff and governors, to St Mary’s Catholic Primary School, where the Gospel Values of Love, Truth and Compassion for others, underpin all that we do.  

The children always come first at St Mary’s and everything we do is aimed at extending the children’s learning experiences, enriching their lives through the opportunities we offer and encouraging an individual love of learning. The behaviour of our children is exemplary and we are very proud of the working partnership between children, staff and parents.  I am honoured to lead a team of teaching and support staff who are committed in providing high quality learning and pastoral support for all our children, so they grow and develop into confident and successful young people. 

I look forward to welcoming you to our wonderful school.

Our Mission Statement 


Serving with Love; Striving for Excellence


We aim to create a Christ-centred community where prayer and worship are a natural part of life and each member is valued, cared for and helped to develop as an individual. Our school community reaches out in partnership to parents and parish.

We aim to build positive relationships, encouraging in us a sense of self-respect, respect for others and for all life, which is reflected in our conduct.

Through praise and celebration, we aim to build an environment where self-esteem can flourish, where pupils can learn self-reliance and independence, and the skills for independent learning.

We aim to help our pupils develop as healthy, knowledgeable, responsible and compassionate citizens.

In addition to formal studies, we aim to integrate our Religious Education into the curriculum so that knowledge, concepts and skills are set in the context of faith, and faith becomes a way of life.

In curriculum studies, we are committed to high standards, encouraging individual excellence by supporting each person to achieve their best.

“We stand on holy ground, every child, every young person, every adult, is a unique image of God.
We are invited by God to nurture the life of the Spirit in one another as children of God,
so that we become ‘more like Christ’, fully human and fully alive.
This is our FAITH.”

Archdiocese of Southwark


High quality leadership underpins the success of St Mary’s; it ensures that the Catholic ethos is reflected in all aspects of school life.

St Mary’s Denominational Inspection Report 2017

Pupils act with a sense of responsibility, know the importance of making choices based on Catholic values, respect their differences and behave impeccably.

St Mary’s Denominational Inspection Report 2017

Spirituality and prayer are firmly embedded throughout the school community, the sense of reverence and reflection that is practised by pupils, staff and governors is wonderful.

St Mary’s Denominational Inspection Report 2017

‘The value of the education at St Mary’s is priceless.  Our children are surrounded by caring educators who help them to be drawn to Christ.’

Parent Comment

‘Dedicated teachers and teaching assistants aim for a high academic education, care about children’s spiritual development, promote healthy self-esteem, confidence, respect and compassion for others.’

Parent Comment

You have a strong commitment to pursuing excellence through the latest research and developments in education.

Ofsted 2017

Pupils have excellent attitudes to learning and are proud of their school.

Ofsted 2017

The curriculum is broad and balanced and designed to meet the needs as well as interests of all groups of pupils.  Exciting topics are carefully selected to motivate and appeal to all.  Work is linked across curriculum subjects to ensure that learning is meaningful and relevant.

Ofsted 2017

The arts, music and sport have a high profile in the school and pupils show impressive skills in a range of activities.

Ofsted 2017

Pupils enjoy coming to school, are happy, work hard and want to do well.  They develop as well-rounded, polite, friendly individuals who are able to talk confidently about their learning.  They learn in a happy, calm and safe environment.  They are nurtured and thrive at school.

Ofsted 2017

Leaders, including governors, are passionate about extending their knowledge, skills and expertise to provide the best for pupils.

Ofsted 2017

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