School Learning Council


At St Mary’s we believe it is important that all children contribute to their learning and their opinions and views are listened to and acted upon.  Pupils from Year 1 to Year 6 learn about democracy and have the opportunity to represent their class on the School Learning Council.  Each year, the pupils create manifestos and campaign in the lead up to an exciting election where each pupil votes in a secret ballot, for their class representatives.

Each class elects two learning councillors who meet regularly with the School Learning Council, to discuss learning throughout the school and represent pupil voice.  We evaluate the learning around the school, observing lessons, looking at pupil books and classroom environments.  We hold regular meetings to review the pupil’s feedback and share information through School Learning Council newsletters.

The School Learning Council are also fully involved in organising whole school events such as ‘St Mary’s Has Got Talent’ and help support fundraising for various charities throughout the year.

The elected School Learning Council members for 2019-20 are:

Class                                                    Representatives


Holly                                                                  Lena and Ezekiel

Willow                                                               Abigail and Ronnie

Beech                                                                Hollie and Kaden

Cherry                                                               Olivia and Kamso

Maple                                                                Sarah and Zak

Yew                                                                   Janica and Victor

Poplar                                                               Ann and Sammy

Juniper                                                             Abbie and Harry

Pine                                                                   Sadie and Zachary

Birch                                                                 Chantelle and Leo

Oak                                                                    Betty and George

Cedar                                                                Grace and Jamie