Information for families

Please ensure that the school office has your full address and contact details.  You should also provide an emergency contact number for another family member or friend who we could contact should you be unavailable.  Please remember to let us know if you change your telephone or mobile number.  Please provide an email address if possible.

Attendance and Punctuality

The school day begins promptly at 8.50am.  Please ensure your child is not late for school.  Children who are late will be marked late in the register.  Any late attendance is recorded on the end of year school reports to parents.

Getting your child to school really matters.

Did you know?


If your child’s attendance during the school year is…

your child would have lost approximately…

or they would have missed approximately…


9 days 50 lessons


19 days

100 lessons


29 days

150 lessons


38 days

200 lessons

75% 48 days

250 lessons


57 days

290 lessons


67 days

340 lessons

If in a school year your child is late everyday …

your child would have lost approximately …

or they would have missed approximately …

5 minutes

3.5 days from school

20 lessons

10 minutes

7 days from school

41 lessons

15 minutes

10 days from school 55 lessons

20 minutes

14.5 days from school

82 lessons

25 minutes 22 days from school

123 lessons

You should not take your child on holiday during term time.

Please encourage punctuality to maintain school attendance.


Absence = Lost Opportunity