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Love School MealsWho are Chartwells?

We are the leading provider of catering services to schools in the UK and serve over 2,000 schools across the country. All our meals are healthy, tasty and nutritious, supporting childrens’ development in school. Each one is freshly prepared by a dedicated and passionate team of chefs and kitchen staff. Our philosophy is Eat, Learn, Live which ensures we educate young people about how to lead a happy, safe and healthy lifestyle while contributing to a sustainable world.

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We know that the health and wellbeing of your child is paramount when they are at school, especially when it comes to lunchtime. At Chartwells we have a dedicated team of Nutritionists across the country who make sure that the food we serve at school is the most nutritious as possible. School meals by law must meet the School Food Standards. These ensure that when menus are developed they are considerate of children’s nutritional needs. Implementing these standards ensures that healthier food items, like fruit and vegetables, wholegrains and oily fish, are promoted, and less healthy items, like deep fried foods, manufactured meat products and added sugar drinks are restricted or prohibited on menus. Every day, you can be assured that a school meal will offer; 2 portions of fruit and vegetables, a dairy food item rich in calcium for strong bones and teeth, starchy carbohydrates to provide energy, and a protein source to support the body’s growth and repair.


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All of our main meals and desserts have been sampled by groups of children and are in-line with the Children’s Food Trust portion size recommendations. Our menus are planned specifically for each area, based on local preference and always include children’s favourites such as mozzarella & tomato pizza, pasta bolognaise, weekly roast dinners and crunchy plum crumble and custard.




I can’t believe the impact that eating with school friends at lunchtime has had on my son. He talks of food that he’s eaten that I have never been able to get him to eat at home, and as a result, we now all enjoy mealtimes as a family.’

Will Taylor (Parent), Year One Pupil





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