School Meals – Contract Dining

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Quality School Meals

The Contract Dining Company is located in the village of Headcorn, near Maidstone, specialising in the provision of catering services to schools in Kent and we provide the school lunches at St Mary’s Catholic Primary School.


Freshly Prepared

High quality ingredients are freshly prepared and cooked in our school kitchens each day using less fat, salt and sugar.


Healthy Choices

Our menus offer a daily choice of: two main courses, one of which is vegetarian, carbohydrates, vegetables and salads, followed by a selection of desserts.


Seasonal Local Foods

Local foods mean less food miles.  We aim to make the most of local produce.  Menus change in line with the seasons, offering an Autumn, Spring and Summer menu.


Summer Menu 2019  


Children’s Choice Menu 1st July – 5th July 2019


Wimbledon Week 8th July – 12th July 2019